Baby & Child Skin Care with Mustela

Georgina Georgiou

Posted on November 29 2017

Baby & Child Skin Care with Mustela

Hello Lovelies,

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of sampling and viewing Mustela’s baby and kid’s skincare range. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this amazing brand let me tell you a little more about them.

Mustela is the first skin care range globally that has done research for babies and Children’s skin types. Through their research they have found that a baby’s skin is most fragile from birth until the age of two years old, this also means that all baby’s skin types are different and there for each skin type deserves its own skin care range.

Mustela has created 4 different skin care ranges to suit each type, from Normal skin, Dry skin, Extremely dry / Eczema prone skin and Very Sensitive skin. You can have a look in depth what each skin type range is on their site or if you are unsure what type your child's skin might be have a look below.


NORMAL SKIN - Appears soft with no visible imperfections. What makes it work? Mustela®’s Normal Skin product range is formulated with Avocado Perseose®, a natural ingredient to hydrate and preserve the skin’s richness.



DRY SKIN -  Appears rough, sometimes flaky, even year-round. What makes it work? Mustela®’s Dry Skin product range is formulated with Avocado Perseose®, a natural ingredient to hydrate and preserve the skin’s richness and with Ceramides + Cold Cream to nourish and maintain comfortable skin.

ECZEMA -PRNE SKIN - Extremely dry and itchy with occasional red patches. What makes it work? Mustela®’s fragrance-free Stelatopia® product range is formulated with Avocado Perseose®, a natural ingredient to hydrate and preserve the skin’s richness and Sunflower Oil Distillate to soothe and replenish the skin with key lipids.

VERY SENSITIVE SKIN -  Reddens easily and can get irritated What makes it work? Mustela®’s fragrance-free Very Sensitive product range is formulated with Avocado Perseose®, a natural ingredient to hydrate and preserve the skin’s richness and Schizandra to soothe sensations of tightness and tingling.






After reading and talking to the ladies from Mustela we found that Christie has a normal skin type, so we have been testing out the Norma skin type range which is formulated with Avocado Perseose, a natural ingredient that helps hydrate and preserve the skins richness.

Two of my favorites from the Normal range are the Gentle Cleansing Gel which is a soap-free cleansing gel for the Hair and Body. We have been using the gel in our daily bath routine ever since we got them and they have left Christie smelling divine and skin super soft. I now can’t stop smelling my not so little baby. Oh and Christie loves adding a little to the bath to make a bubble bath haha 😊

The second product we have been using is their Hydra Bébé Body lotion. I usually rub some on Christie after our bath at night time, she adores having a little massage to relax and this also helps her skin stay moisturized. We also use it in the morning before she gets dressed for the day and this leaves her skin smelling divine and soft thought the day. 😊

I Love the fact that Mustela is the next generation to have exclusive tailored range of products for all baby skin types, as so many babies and children have a difficult time finding a suitable skin care range, which also makes us mummas very anxious and constantly at the doctors or dermatologist. I highly recommend giving Mustela's range of products a read and test out some of their products. They all smell divine and im sure you will also love them as much as I have.



Mustela have been generous enough to give one of my lovely followers a tailored skin care pack for their child worth from $80+

To enter the giveaway to win a custom pack of your own all you need to do is:

  1. Follow both @mustelaAU and my account @woolandwillow on Instagram
  2. Comment below what skin type your child is based on Mustela’s research above  (make sure to include your Instagram handle in comment too)
  3. Like the main image on @woolandwillow Instagram page
  4. For an extra entry repost the main image from @woolandwillow’s Instagram page with #mustelagiveaway17


Giveaway is open to all AUSTRALIAN Residence only. Winner will be able to choose their child's skin type from the 4 ranges above. Entrants will need to have a public account for 48h from giveaway ending. Winner will need to have done all steps from 1-3 to qualify. Entries close on 1st December at 11.59pm AEDST. Winner will be announced within 48h of giveaway ending. This giveaway is in no way endorsed sponsored or affiliated with Instagram or Shopify. By entering you are agree to its T&C. 

[Products used for styling: Bath Robe - 3 Little Crowns - here || Toothbrush - here || Brush set - Here || Flowers - Mieifiori - Here

This blog is in Collaboration with Mustela Australia. Product range images and chart is their information. Please ensure you read directions of use always and any product information they have on products and their site before use. All thoughts and styled images are my own. 



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  • Bridget Macduff: December 02, 2017

    Luckily my son has normal skin. We were given the cleansing wash in our hospital bag 10 weeks ago and fell in love it. We still have the sample, but is almost empty @bredamulligan

  • Christina : December 02, 2017

    My daughter Charlie, has severe chronic asthma. With a lot of environmental allergies :( Currently for the past two weeks she has had the hives. We used Mustela on her as a baby. Currently we are using Dove. We would love and greatly appreciate this package ❤️. Thank you!

  • Rachael: December 01, 2017

    My past two children have luckily had normal skin, and I’m hoping my wee babe that arrives in 6 sleeps, will be equally blessed. Mustela products are my absolute favourite and I would love the luxury of winning them for our impending arrival

  • Alex Lazzaro : December 01, 2017

    My daughter has eczema prone skin. We have tried so many things to help but nothing seems to work for long. Excited to try something that is so highly recommended. @alext_182

  • Alex Lazzaro: December 01, 2017

    My daughter has eczema prone skin. We have tried so many things to help but nothing seems to work for long. Excited to try something that is so highly recommended. @alex_t182

  • Maryanne Bacic : December 01, 2017

    My daughter has eczema prone skin @maryannebacic

  • Maria: December 01, 2017

    My lovely girl has normal skin type.I would love to win mustela products,their smell is wonderful @machrimaky

  • ria ramon: December 01, 2017

    love to win both my kids have normal to dry skin depending on the season @riakristine

  • Karen : December 01, 2017

    Eczema prone skin

  • Steph Freeman: December 01, 2017

    @im_a_steph would love this set for my little girl who has eczema prone skin :)

  • Viv churcher: December 01, 2017

    I have 2 little ones with eczema prone skin would love to give it a try ?

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