Scandi Boys Room

Georgina Georgiou

Posted on June 28 2017

Scandi Boys Room

Hello Lovelies hope you have all had a lovely Wednesday!

Some of you may already know that I have teamed up with some super amazing insta businesses on a Boys room Photoshoot, so I think it’s about time you all get to see the stunning boys room i put together.

I wanted to create a boys room with some vibrancy and color to it and not sticking to a generic theme, this room is a little different to what has been seen on Instagram, I tried to avoid the classic monochrome rooms and the grey's, white and wood style bedrooms that you mainly see for boys.

Color was a big part of the inspiration to this room; I stuck to the classic white and grey as my main and big ticket items and added pops of color through accessories, artwork and décor. It has a fun and modern scandi style to it and I used a consistent color scheme throughout.This color palette has only been seen a handful of times from some super amazing ladies on insta and I absolutely adore it. I have kept more to the Navy and blue tones with this shoot adding pops of mustard, burnt orange and brown.

This room is easily adaptable to any monochrome or grey natural room you may already have and I love these colors for a girl’s room also. All you need is some more feminine décor or soft toys and furnishings, replace the some of the blues with deep pinks/purples to turn it into a more girly room. I also absolutely love pops of navy/teal in a girls room, so don't be afraid to add this color, its not only for boys.

Art work is a great way to add pops of color to a bedroom and can be easily swapped around when you need a change, and let’s not forget the most affordable way to add some small changes into any bedroom.

The white canopy can easily be swapped for a colored canopy instead of white for a more dramatic look or to break up a plain wall and stick to neutral bedding and linen, add pops of color with your throws and cushions. 

I had so much fun setting this whole shoot up with so many amazing brands. If you are scared of too much color I have also created some more paired down looks that will be perfect for you.

Remember this is a kids space and color is what they love and grabs their attention so don't be afraid to add pops of color here and there throughout their space and make it more personal by adding their favorite toys/decor.

Bellow are more images and styles from the shoot along with a list of all the amazing products and where you can find them to shop the look. 

Don’t forget to leave your comments bellow at the very end, or any questions you may have.


G xx


Blue/ Mustard felt Rug // Oon official
Grey Felt Rug // Keeks and Chuck
Monochrome Adventure Rug // Ginger and pear gifts
Color Play Rug // Urban baby shop

Grey felt round Cushion // Oon Official 
Grey leather Floor Cushion // Onyx and Smoke
Box Cushions (Navy + Green) / Bedding + Sheets // Linen House
House Cushion // Leo and Bella
Woven Blue Cushion // Sea Tribe
Blue Knot Cushion // Hello Mia
Navy + Father Pillow slips // The Pillow Slip store
Teal tassel throw // One Two Nine

Whale + Play Prints // Sprout and Sparrow
Watercolor Tiger Print // My hidden forest
Apple + Pear Prints // Little design haus
Watercolor - Whale + Whales print // Wool and Willow

Bear and Mouse // And the little dog laughed
Whale // Sun and Co
Harlequin Doll (grey/orange) // Inorog the label

Knit Pants + Knit Fringe Cardi // Frankie and Jones the label
Romper shorts // Ziggy Lou
Button Shirt // Willow and rabbit
Knit Beanie // Ginger and pear gifts
Shoes // Gertrude and the King

Wooden Mountain set + Wooden Bunny // Faith Laine
Wood Train + Car // Happy go ducky toys
Tram + small parts (road signs + wooden peg people) // Make me Iconic
Wooden Shelf – Clothes rack // Winter and Vine
Wood hanging Plaque // Twine and Twig
Felt Mushroom set // Kawaii Pie
Doll ring stacker // Décor me au
Wood Height Chart // Le Petite Cadre

Grey trunk –suitcase // Belle and co Living
Rose gold Hanging Lamp // Cheeky Reubens
Teepee // Catty Wampus
Books // Write to me
Bunting // Petite Jolie Kids
Mini woven basket /leather handle // Link and Luna

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