Mum on the go

Georgina Georgiou

Posted on November 08 2017

Mum on the go

Hello Lovelies, Hope you have all had a lovely Hump day..

A lot of us mums these days juggle way too much and we usually forget about “US” and focus on everyone else in the family with our kids always coming first.

I’m one to go spend heaps of money on Christie but when it comes to me I buy all the cheap bargains ha-ha. This doesn’t always result in looking stylish as I opt for comfort first.

So, I decided to put a little blog together on products that help both us mums and our kids be stylish when were on the go, products that will surely help us get around more comfortably with all the necessities but still being stylish. Being a mum doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice ourselves for our kids and family.

I’ve gathered all my favorite brands and products for you. One of the biggest struggles I had when I first had Christie was finding a decent looking nappy bag that would fit all the newborn needs and must haves but also not an ugly looking bulky baby bag. Yes, I still do use a baby nappy bag although i used to just chuck it under the pram, so it would be hidden away.

I’m super glad I found these amazing Neoprene tote bags from Neo the Label, not only does it look stunning but it also fits everything I need for me and Christie when were out (yep even hubby’s stuff when were out as a family, because they do need a few things too hahaha )

The bag has two button closures on the sides to become smaller or larger depending on what I’m using and comes with a smaller internal mesh pouch to secure items in. This bag is also perfect for when kiddies are older and the necessities are less. 

Another stunning item I love using with any tote bag (I mean any because it fits perfectly with any tote bag) is the amazing nude baby bag insert which has so many pockets you won’t lose or go searching for anything again in your baby bag. It simply helps you keep organized and yet so stylish. That’s a Win Win for me plus how can you not love this color right?! I don’t know how I would get around before I had this insert, seriously! It fits everything I need for Christie even her new Bento Lunch box because as she’s older now I need to prep some lunch and snacks for her when were out as chips and nuggets just don’t cut it anymore and are unhealthy. This Stuck on You bento box help so much with all the compartments for food and snacks and I love the fact that you can personalize it which will come so handy once she’s in daycare/school.

I don’t know about you and your kiddies but mine always wants what we have, what we’re eating or using and even wearing. I keep trying to find products that I use so she can have matching or similar. One thing I always carry with me is a wetter bottle for Christie and one for myself (or a coffee cup for me) but lately she prefers to drink from my bottle instead of hers, so we got a “cute stylish “cup that’s just for her. We occasionally take her gorgeous Luggy with us too when were out at markets on weekends, Christie absolutely loves it and thinks she’s just like her mamma pushing a pram or holding a bag plus I get to stash some shopping in there which makes her even more excited.

I hope you love these small goodies I found to help keep you organized and yet stylish. I’ve included a small shop the look below along with a few items I usually carry in my Bag/Nappy bag. If you have any questions or would like to know more on stylish functional products for mums and bub’s please comment below.

Thanks so much

Georgina xx

Grey Neoprene Bag | Neo the Label
Nude Nappy Bag Insert | The nappy society
Dummy and Clip | Pop ya tot - here & here 
Floral Swaddle | Pop ya tot
Nappy change clutch | Little Milko
Bento Lunch Box | Stuck on you Official
Initial Cup | Little Belle and Beau
White Luggy |  Little Belle and Beau

Hand cream |

Sun Screen & Sunglasses | Cancer Council - here & here 
Clear Glass Water bottle | Smash 

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  • Wool & Willow : November 11, 2017

    Thank you so so much Teresa, Tamara and Jessiica your all so kind. Glad you love my finds!!

  • Theresa Marneros: November 09, 2017

    I just looked at your range and think there is some really great items for busy mums on the go….I wish I had them when I had my three children.

  • Tamara: November 09, 2017

    Wow Love your images, I love all these goodies and that bag I absolutely love and have been eyeing the off for a while now. Well done hun x

  • Jessiica: November 09, 2017

    Love the collection you have put together! I will look into the lunch boxes they look amazing!

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