Georgina Georgiou

Posted on September 20 2019


Today I have started my spring cleaning. Melbourne provided us with glorious weather so it was simply fitting. I changed all the bed sheets did x3 loads of washing and cleaned and deodorized the carpets in the kids rooms if you saw my insta stories then you would know.

My little secret hack to cleaning the kids carpets and all carpets in my home is No Vac, the kids rooms get used the most as they usually play in there on a daily basis. Christie's room gets used the most as she even does her craft in there.

Mess always happens with kids so im always prepared by having the No Vac Instant spot and Stain remover, which is designed to take on all types of dry and wet stains and spills. It deep cleans the carpets that way will it will help prevent soiling too. It also smells ah-mazing so you have a fresh lasting and clean smell. 

I've also been using the No Vac Sanitiser and Deodorizer daily on all my carpets  to give that fresh smell and sanitize them, especially the lounge room which is used 24/7 and its in a high traffic zone. I can have that clean look and fresh smell with out that deep cleaning and scrubbing required usualy and by needing to rent out a carpet cleaner to do it my self or hire help to clean the carpets. 

No Vac products are designed to freshen up fabrics and carpets. Its a foam mist that you spray over the carpets and penetrates down into the fibers of the carpets in an instant to help remove the odors and any bacteria that may be caused by a spill or stain. Both these  No Vac  carpet cleaners dry in 5 min and don't require any vacuuming and leaves the carpets smelling divine.

The NoVac range can be found in your local Woolworths and they even have one if you have pets in the house.

This blog has been sponsored by No Vac and The Right Fit. All wording and Images are my own and I have only shown what I truly believe in. 

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